Wybe Kuperus – Canterbury

Wybe, the founder and main consultant of NutriSense is based in Greendale, Canterbury.

Wybe graduated from Wageningen University in the Netherlands in 1991 with a MSc in Animal Nutrition. After graduating he worked in New Zealand for a year at Massey University in Dairy research, on a dairy farm in Northland and a sheep, beef and deer station in Otago. From 1992 to 2000 he has been working as nutritionist/farm consultant in the Netherlands for local and global nutrition companies.

After arrival in New Zealand in 2000 he worked on several dairy farms in Canterbury for a year. After that he became the National Extension Specialist Nutrition for DairyNZ. There he was involved with initiating the Feed 4 Profit project, pasture quality workshops, lameness trials and the research on the Lincoln University Dairy Farm. His strategies for feeding cows better include improving pasture management, making quality supplements and strategic supplement feeding have been presented at SIDE events and in the Dairy Exporter.

In 2006, he went back to doing what he enjoys most;  helping farmers reach their goals or overcome the hurdles in their farming system. He ventured into the sheep & beef industry to improve animal performance by fine tuning systems with nutritional and practical farming expertise.

Wybe also advised feed companies in New Zealand on product development and formulation of specialty feeds for dairy, sheep, beef and deer.

Wybe has a passion for feeding stock for optimal performance and pasture management. This is often where the biggest gains can be made in improving the productivity of a farm. Any changes are suggested with an eye firmly on the bottom line, as dollars invested need to have a return.

Evelien Baas – Canterbury

Evelien graduated from Wageningen University in the Netherlands in Animal Husbandry in 1994 and worked for a multinational feed additive company in Belgium and an agricultural software company in the Netherlands before she moved to New Zealand in 2000. In the first year she worked for a couple of dairy farms, the Lincoln University Feed Lab & Environment Canterbury, before she started her farming software consultancy business Farm Software Solutions in 2001.

Evelien is a farm software specialist. Since 2001 she has been selling, supporting and providing training for financial and management farm software. She has a passion for teaching people to use their software to their own benefit, not just for compliance, but to be in control of their finances. She loves nothing better than seeing a client coming to grips with their financial software, learn a faster or better way to process or report their data, or when someone completes their first budget for a share milking job. Four years in an equity partnership of a large dairy farm doing all HR administration, payroll & accounting was a great practical grounding, personal experience does promote understanding for your clients. 

Evelien has been providing support for the LIC farm mapping and recording product FarmKeeper since 2005 and is a reseller of the popular Pasture Coach pasture management software. She is also a MYOB approved partner and can provide training and setup services for both MYOB payroll and ACE payroll.

Evelien provides administration and payroll services for several farming clients and related professionals. You can find more information and buy products on her website www.farmsoftware.co.nz 

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